Leanne Manning

Last Class Date
February 16, 2017
Sponsoring Agency
Rooted in Relationships and NE Extension in Saline County
Number of Individuals in Class:
Number of Families in Class:
Was child care available?
Was food provided?
If Yes, food was provided by:
snacks by Rooted in Relationships
Was transportation provided?
Were incentives provided to parents to attend?
If yes, please indicate the incentive and who provided it:
Gift cards at final session provided by Rooted in Relationships
Where was the Circle of Security-Parenting class held?
If other, please specify
City Library
6. I participated in reflective consultation.
If yes, who provided the consultation?
Sami Bradley
7. I participated in reflective consultation:
8. The reflective consultation I received was helpful.
Strongly Agree
9. The frequency of the reflective consultation was adequate.
How many families did you refer for additional services?
Please select the referred services
If other, please specify
Please list successes and/or breakthroughs you saw parents experience during the Circle of Security-Parenting class.
One parent really saw how she was being weak. The couple discussed ways of dealing with this. They each had their own child who brought them shark music and so they decided that major relationship would switch that child to the other parent.
What were some of the challenges you experienced in leading the class?
I still struggle with just being facilitator. I want to answer their questions! :)
What do you plan to do differently, if anything, the next time you lead a Circle of Security-Parenting class?
Redirect their questions to person asking them or to the group.
Is there anything else you would like to share about your experience in leading this class?
One parent loved this class so much she is scheduled to take it again in a couple of weeks. She also wants books to read more about COS-P.
Please share one or two success stories that demonstrate the impact of the Circle of Security-Parenting class
One parent recognized herself as being weak. She can't see yet how she can be less weak as when her 5 yr. old son acts up she feels bad. And it breaks her heart when he tells her he hates her. Her husband is helping her in this struggle as he said he would step in with this boy more often when he acts up. Another couple faced head-on the yelling at kids. They decided to talk more with their kids and yell less. They can already see what a difference that has made with their kids.